An important part of the AFG Workforce

We want to make sure that the people we support get the best possible, uninterrupted service from us. When staff are unable to work because of illness or an emergency we may require a Casual Worker to step in.

Casual Workers are an important part of the AFG Workforce and whilst they may work flexible hours, often in different locations, they still require the same knowledge and skills as our permanent staff.

Contingency Recruitment Hub

Our Casual Staff are so important to us that we have a specialist team dedicated to manage the work they do. The Contingency Hub provides a point of contact for our managers when they need staff at short notice and also for our Casuals when they wish to register their availability.

Where do Casual Staff work?

We need Casual Staff cover right across the North West, in all of the region’s that we work. The work is exactly the same as the jobs that our permanent staff do – so Casual Staff can work in our Treatment and Recovery Centres or in the local community.

What hours do Casual Staff work?

Because we work 24 hours we need Casual Staff who are available over a range of hours. This could mean a couple of hours in the afternoon or an overnight sleep shift. Our Casual Staff only work the hours that they want to – so, if you can only work in the morning during the week or if you are only free at weekends then that is fine.

How do you become Casual Staff for AFG?

Well, because the work is the same as our permanent staff the recruitment process will generally be the same. This means completing an application form and attending an interview.

Search our casual vacancies

Download the Casual Support Worker job description

Download the Casual Staff Nurse job description

Do you need experience?

As with any job, it is great if you have experience, but we provide full training too so experience is not always necessary.

What happens once you’re a Casual Employee?

Once you have been through the recruitment and training processes you will be added to our register of Casual Staff. Then, you just need to tell us about your availability – times, days and locations – and we will let you know when work becomes available.

Contact us

For more information about registering as a Casual Worker please contact the Recruitment Team using the email address