Weaver Lodge hospital walkabout impresses

AFG is committed from the very top to listening to the people it supports, its employees and ensuring that its services operate safely.

As part of this commitment, AFG runs a bi-monthly programme of ‘uMatter’ walkabouts incorporating all AFG’s hospitals and larger services covering learning disability and mental health. Each visit involves an AFG Trustee and Executive member, typically iincorporating informal chats with staff and listening to the views of the people supported.

The latest visit was to AFG’s Weaver Lodge independent hospital in Winsford, Cheshire, where Registered Manager Justine Millington-Hallas hosted Trustee representative Jane Macdonald and Director of People, OD & IT Kirsty Muldoon for a tour of the hospital.

Kirsty said: “Well done to everyone working and being supported at Weaver Lodge. I was very impressed by everyone whom I met and what I saw.

“I first visited Weaver Lodge two years ago when Justine was appointed to her first Registered Manager position. Justine has worked hard to further improve the environment and quality of provision provided at Weaver Lodge.

“It was great to see and hear the difference that her leadership has made. Justine has a really dedicated team who are doing a great job to make a positive difference to the lives of all the people they support. They are truly living AFG’s values.”

Justine commented: “It has been great to take part in the walkabout and to meet Jane (AFG Trustee). She asked lots of questions and was excited to learn what had been going on at Weaver Lodge and what changes we had made. Both Jane and Kirsty showed a genuine interest in the staff they spoke to and the views of the people we support.”

Edward Holt, who is supported at Weaver Lodge, said: “Weaver Lodge is very well run particularly the way it accommodates people at different stages of their recovery. It doesn’t feel like a hospital but an environment which encourages a positive atmosphere leading to the feeling of a less restrictive yet safe environment. I love being here.”