Weaver Lodge taking hand washing seriously

Hygiene has always been a top priority for AFG, its independent hospitals and in its supported living services.

And never has it been so vital as now. Hygiene and, in particular washing hands thoroughly and regularly, has become the essential mantra for us all in the face of the coronavirus crisis.

AFG’s Weaver lodge hospital in Winsford is in the vanguard of getting this message across to protect its patients, families and staff. Weaver Lodge Registered Manager Justine Millington said:

‘One of our support workers Julie Pleavin has done a great job thinking about and setting up a group at Weaver Lodge to bring even greater focus to the subject and taking ownership. We had a group of about 17 patients taking part who had a practical chance to wash their hands properly to stop the spread of germs and disease.’

‘We are trying to keep hygiene at the top of the agenda. We always take it seriously but now is the time to promote it as much as we can.’

Justine is pictured with Kelly, one of the people AFG supports, studying essential hygiene guidance.