AFG hosts Brazilian mental health worker visit

A  party of Brazilian mental health workers have visited one of AFG’s independent hospitals in Warrington to hear about how AFG cares for the people it supports.

The party included a nurse, three occupational therapists, two psychologists and a psychology student.

Manager of Lea Court Carol Naylor said: “The visit went very well. Our visitors were very friendly and inquisitive about what we do. They looked around the service, talking to service users and staff and hearing about the models of care and positive outcomes for people moving along a recovery pathway.”

“They were familiar with the frameworks we follow from a hospital perspective but don’t have rehabilitation services as such. It was great to meet them and listen to their objectives for the visit.”

Organised by the International Mental Health Collaborating Network (IMHCN), they visited services in the North West to learn about mental health practice in the UK, and to share their learning from practice in Brazil.

IMHCN coordinator Paul Baker, who accompanied the visitors, said: “The purpose was to give our Brazilian guests an understanding of the organisation of mental health services in the Manchester area and to provide a sense of the diversity of perspectives and approaches that are being used to meet the needs of different client groups.”

A similar group of Brazilian health practitioners visited AFG’s Mill Brook hospital in Wythenshawe last year.