Nicola learns new life skills volunteering for charity

One of the people AFG supports Nicola Deeney, who volunteers for Cancer Research, is enjoying it so much that she now volunteers five days a week.

Nicola said: “I started in June doing just one day a week in a local Cancer Research shop until I got used to it. Then they asked me to do more because they had trained me to tag and hang clothes, to ask customers about gift aid and to help them fill out the forms. I have now started volunteering five days a week because I enjoy doing something to help and it keeps me busy.”

“I volunteer because I love raising money for charity and cancer research is a good cause. I lived with another lady who passed away from cancer so I feel that it is nice to give back to charity, especially one that raises money for research.”

Nicola’s staff team in Blackburn have helped her to organise her time around her work days.

“I have changed my shopping days to weekends and any appointments are fitted around my volunteering hours. I find time to do my household chores either before or after I’ve been to work. I like the structure of being a working volunteer because I now have a daily routine and I feel productive which is important to me. I am using my time wisely and it’s giving me good life skills if I were to live independently in my own flat.”

Support Worker Jane-Ann-Scott said: “On behalf of the staff team and manager, we’d like to say how proud we are of Nicola for getting herself a voluntary job at Cancer Research. She is now hopeful of doing a retail NVQ through them. Well done Nicola. Volunteering has been so good for her.”

In addition to Jane-Ann, Nicola is supported by Gwendolyne Henniker, Joanne Spencer, Safina Sadiq and team leader Lorraine Gill.

Where possible, AFG encourages the people it supports to get involved in the community, including volunteering for charity, because of its many social and life skill benefits.

Nicola is featured proudly wearing her Cancer Research tee shirt.