Recruiting the best

Providing the right kind of person-centred care really depends on having the very best people for the job. Our Regional Resource Leads have been busy building links, raising AFG’s profile and identifying the best staff so that we continue to provide an excellent service to the people we support.

Regional Resource Lead for Lancashire Laura Swift explained:

“In Lancashire, we work in partnership with local organisations who are part of the Work Programme to generate additional applicants for our region.  We run sector-based work academies to prepare people for work in the sector before interview.  We regularly support local schools with their employability days to give students the opportunity to engage with local employers and develop their skills including interviewing.”

In Merseyside and Greater Manchester, Regional Resource Lead Sean McGrann has recruited more than 120 staff from Sector Based Work Academies. He also supported major recruitment days across the region for new supported living services and for a hospital in Manchester.

In Cheshire and Wirral, Regional Resource Lead Sarah Cole attended two great open days on the Wirral, successfully recruiting more than a dozen support workers.

“I have also been busy delivering recruitment workshops for hiring managers to support and advise them on the recruitment paperwork and process. We recently had a major presence at Chester Pride to raise our profile as a major charity employer in the North West, as well as attending numerous job fairs across the region.”

Local flyer drops had generated lots of interest across the region.

At Somerset House – supported living accommodation in Tameside –  interviewing for new employees has been taken to another level. Service users have been invited to take part in the interview process for new AFG employees in an example of co-production. Recently, they were asked to come up with three questions each that they wanted to put to prospective AFG employees. These were typed for them and you can see Josh proudly displaying his questions. Each service user was then involved in asking the questions at interview.

Somerset House Team Leader Andrea Doherty said: “We involve the people we support in interviews to empower them and to ensure that they know that they are in charge of their lives. After all, they are the ones who will be supported by these same people.”

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