Salifu meets Prince Charles

The work of the Mobee Gambia Health Project has been recognised at a reception with HRH Prince Charles at Buckingham Palace.

Director of Mobee Gambia and AFG employee Salifu Manneh received the invitation after being nominated by Kombo Sillah, a Bristol-based charity. HRH Prince Charles is due to visit The Gambia, Nigeria and Ghana in November and was interested in meeting people from these countries before his trip.

HRH was particularly keen to meet people who work for charities and non-governmental organisations whose work has a direct impact on the livelihood of local people.

Salifu, who is an AFG Clinical and Audit Lead, said: “It was an amazing and exciting experience. I had the opportunity to explain to Prince Charles how the Mobee Gambia Mental Health Project was established and the work Mobee do in the Gambia.

“He asked me if mental illness in the Gambia was confined to young people, where it is often linked to alcohol and illicit drug use. I explained that mental illness in the Gambia wasn’t restricted to young people but affected the adult population as well.”

“It was also a good opportunity to discuss the Mobee Project with other guests and I will be having further discussions with some of them about promoting good care for the mentally ill in the Gambia. AFG’s former CEO Neil Campbell, who sadly passed away in September, was never far from my mind. He was such a champion of Mobee and addressing mental health issues in the Gambia. We will be holding a celebration in the Gambia in December marking Neil’s massive contribution in this field.”

Her Royal Highness Camilla Parker-Bowles was also at the reception.

AFG developed a two-year partnership in September 2013 with Mobee Gambia to promote and develop awareness and understanding of mental health and wellbeing across local communities in Gambia.

The partnership has given amazing opportunities for AFG employees, which in many cases has been life changing on both a personal and professional level, supporting them as AFG ambassadors on study tours to the Gambia.