Bespoke, individualised packages of support

Alternative Futures Group supports over 1,000 people to live the lives they choose – the majority of whom live in their own homes.  Some of the people we support have their support organised and managed for them by health and social care organisations like Clinical Commissioning Groups (CCGs) or Local Authorities (LA). Other people choose to use their Direct Payment to buy their support directly from us, or have an arrangement where funding transfers directly to us and we work in partnership with the person and their family/carer to plan support that works for them.

The price we charge for support varies and we usually charge based upon a competitive hourly rate, but sometimes we charge in different ways to meet each individual’s budgets and goals.

We provide bespoke, individualised packages of support built around each individual’s needs and aspirations. Get in touch with us for more information about our personalised support.

If you or someone you support or care for needs assistance, please talk to your Local Authority to establish whether they are entitled to assistance. People who are entitled to assistance have a number of choices about the support they receive, and can jointly plan their support with Local Authority or health staff, or be informed of what their personal budget is so that they can put together a plan to meet their support needs. The plan will need the agreement of the funding organisation (health or social care), and will need to meet agreed outcomes. This is just to demonstrate that the plan will meet the needs of the person, and show how the person will stay healthy, safe and well.  For some people who are entitled to some forms of health funding, personal health budgets may also be available, which can be used to fund the support required too.

We work with individuals (and anyone assisting them) to consider the best way of managing people’s budgets, and how we could support them to achieve the outcomes they would like. Outcomes are things like being part of your community, going to college, learning new skills, or getting a job.  We can also help with managing benefits and other monies, through appointeeship, which means we take responsibility for the claiming and collection of benefits for people who are unable to manage their own financial affairs.

Get in touch with us for more funding advice and assistance.

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