Moving from childhood to adult life

Transition describes the process of moving from childhood into adult life. Alternative Futures Group supports young people who are moving from children’s services such as residential care homes and school into more independent living.

We recognise that transition can be an exciting yet challenging time for young people and their families, so we involve people from day one, building as much choice and control into people’s lives as possible using a range of person-centred planning tools and models.

Our models are based on the Pathways to Getting a Life and focus on work, housing, good health, friends and relatives and community participation.

Our aim

Our aim is to support people in the transition from children’s services into independent living within the wider community.

The support we provide

Our transitional support is designed to equip young people with the skills required to successfully live independently, based upon the principles of active citizenship.

Alternative Futures Group’s support planning process looks at a person’s whole life and how best to support them to achieve their aspirations, goals and outcomes.  We work closely with the person supported, those who care and know them best, and other professionals using a variety of Person Centred Tools.  This process creates their Person Centred Plan, identifying clearly how the person would like to be supported, what their needs are and what good support looks like for them now and in the future.

We are experienced in developing bespoke support, and our approach is unique to each person we support.  There isn’t and shouldn’t be a ‘one size fits all’. We believe the skills and support we deliver will go a long way in preparing young people for adulthood.

Here are just some of the ways we can help:

  • Support to live independently
  • Finding a job
  • Money and budget management
  • Getting involved in the community and developing personal relationships

Download our Transitional Support Factsheet to find out more about the support we provide.

Funding advice

Our Transitional Support can be funded by individuals, using their direct payment, personal budget or personal health budget, or directly through your local adult care services. Find out more by visiting our Funding advice page.

Can we support you?

To find out more about our Transitional Support please get in touch:

Telephone: 0845 0176744


Find support: in your local area.