In control of your life

Having the power to decide where you live and who with is something most people take for granted, yet it’s a fundamental part of feeling in control of your life.

At Alternative Futures Group, we believe that every person has the right to live the life they choose, which is why we help support people to live wherever, however and with whomever they choose.

Supported Living provides bespoke living solutions to people with different levels of housing support and care needs, including young people in transition, people with autism, learning disabilities, physical disabilities, substance misuse issues, mental health and complex care needs.

Our aim

Supported Living aims to equip people with the essential skills needed to stay living independently in their home of choice for as long as possible and lead a full and active life.

The support we provide

We provide support in a number of different ways, including helping someone remain in their existing tenancy, find a new home or make the transition from residential care or their family home into independent living.

Support is provided in a variety of settings, including: individual homes or flats, shared housing/accommodation, extra care schemes and individual outreach/floating support services. The support can be for just a few hours each week or 24 hours a day.

Here are just some of the ways we are able to support individuals to keep well, safe and lead a fulfilling life as part of their community:

  • Support to enhance an individual’s daily living skills, including cooking, cleaning and shopping.
  • Provide support to maintain tenancies, including budgeting, setting up utility accounts, furnishing new properties, gaining home insurance, carrying out regular health and safety checks, understanding and following the terms and conditions of tenancy agreements and holding regular tenant meetings.
  • Apply for and obtain appropriate benefits
  • Support to help people keep their home safe and secure
  • Supporting people to be more inclusive within their community by helping them to make friends and develop relationships, access local/wider community facilities, leisure activities, training and employment opportunities.
  • Support the person’s independence by enabling them to make their own choices and decisions about life.
  • Develop the person’s independent travel skills where appropriate

We work together with individuals, their families/carers, local authorities and health partners to develop a support package that meet’s people’s needs  and ensures that they are connected to their community, and ultimately in control of their lives.Funding advice

Our Supported Living can be funded by individuals, using their direct payment, personal budget or personal health budget, or directly through your local adult care services. Find out more by visiting our Funding advice page (link to Funding advice webpage).

Can we support you?

To find out more about Supported Living please get in touch:

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