Clinical Services (mental health)

There comes a time in many people’s lives when we feel we are unable to cope with life and the challenges it brings. Here at Alternative Futures Group we provide individualised packages of support through our Treatment and Recovery Centres to assess, treat, support, assist and accompany people with mental health needs to recover and live active, whole and fulfilling lives in their local communities. We are the second largest not for profit provider of clinical mental health services in the country, and we’re committed to providing the highest quality of care and support to help individuals manage a wide range of mental health needs.

We have a variety of Treatment and Recovery Centres located across Merseyside, Greater Manchester, Central Manchester and Cheshire. Each centre is registered as an Independent Hospital and specialises in forensics, therapeutic and psycho social interventions.

We are also working with local authorities, families, local community teams and housing associations to provide integrated and consistent recovery pathways in Liverpool, Manchester and Lancashire; delivering  a cohesive whole systems, whole lives approach for people with complex mental health needs.

Our aims

Facilitated by a person-centred philosophy our aims are to:

  • Enable individuals to self-manage their journey of recovery through a personalised plan of clinical and therapeutic interventions.
  • Support individuals maximise their potential and therefore enhance recovery
  • Put the individual at the centre of decisions about their care, treatment and recovery plans
  • Promote independence, privacy and dignity

The support we provide

Treatment & Recovery Centres

Through dedicated, professionally regulated  and competent teams we provide and deliver a personalised plan of support and action that recognises the journey of recovery for individuals and inspires hope to achieve their personal goals and aspirations. The support we offer people ranges from those diagnosed with complex mental health needs along with secondary diagnosis of personality disorder, alcohol dependence, substance misuse and acquired brain injuries.

We support people to:

  • Obtain the right treatment to stabilise their condition and keep them safe
  • Develop new skills, knowledge and interests so they can get their lives back on track
  • Facilitate their support plan with Community Specialists so they can stay well in their local communities
  • Facilitate access to social, employment and education services

Download our Clinical Services factsheet to find out more about our support.

Our team

To provide the best possible support for people in our Treatment and Recovery Centres we draw on a wide range of expertise including: Registered Nurses, Clinical Managers, Physical Health Practitioners, Advanced Nurse Practitioners, Forensic Specialists, Pharmacists,  Physical therapists, Horticulture therapists, Art therapists, Psychologists, Psychiatrists , Peer and Recovery/Support Workers qualified from certificate to Masters doctorate level . We value and encourage people with lived experience of mental health recovery to work at all levels in our teams either as peers,  therapists or as professionally regulated healthcare staff.

Access to all of the core and specialist members of the teams above is included within our pricing and is not an extra, indeed it is an integral part of our offer.

Our team are guided through our organisations person centred values to work closely with individuals to ensure the active involvement in their care pathway, inspiring and encouraging individuals to achieve their personal goals and aspirations.

All of our teams are able to offer continuing and consistent support if required within peoples own homes to support the ongoing journey of recovery instead of or after a period of support in one of our Treatment Centres.


Referrals to our Treatment and Recovery Centres are made via Clinical Commissioning Groups (CCGs), Care Coordinators, Community Mental Health Teams, Psychiatrists, personally, or by and with other family members.

Can we support you?

To find out more about our mental health support please get in touch:

Telephone: 0845 0176744


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