New HR systems will benefit everyone

A new digital self-service portal is set to transform and improve the employee experience – enabling AFG to reach and engage with everyone in the organisation.

In October 2018 AFG achieved a key HR Digital Project milestone with the launch of its new Recruitment system aCloud which has revolutionised the recruitment of new staff – making it faster and easier to join AFG. And, on 1 April, we completed the biggest phase of our digital transformation so far with the launch of our new HR & Pay systems – SelectHR and SelectPay. These have replaced our existing HR and Payroll systems – bringing additional benefits and services.

From day-one, employees have been able to view personal information, update personal records, book holidays, and much more within the Employee Self-Service view of SelectHR. Supporting personal growth will also be a key benefit of the system for employees with ‘My Development’ section having lots of useful features to support personal growth and development including access to a course directory.

The launch follows an unprecedented ten weeks of intensive one-day training of all 2400 AFG staff, the majority support workers, by a team of six trainers. In addition to the system-specific training, every employee has been given the opportunity to learn or refresh basic IT skills which will also benefit them in their personal lives.

The training has been positively received by all staff with a satisfaction rating of more than 90%, and for the remaining 10% of staff who don’t yet feel as digitally confident, we are continuing to support their development with follow-up support sessions during April.  Merseyside Team leader Phil Sheehan commented: “I found the training really informative especially the self-service part of the system. The best thing is that you can view everything – wage slips, your own details, amend things, book your own holidays – cutting down on paperwork.”

Director of People and Organisational Development Kirsty Muldoon said: “This exciting new offer will benefit everyone at AFG and will help us achieve many of the ambitions of our People & Organisational Development strategy. It will create processes and systems that make a positive difference for all of us, and ultimately the people we support. What’s more, it takes us a step further towards becoming the employer of choice.”