A moving Mobee Gambia tribute to Neil Campbell

A celebration has been held by Mobee Gambia to mark the life and contribution made by former Alternative Futures Group CEO Neil Campbell to Mobee. He sadly died last September.

Mobee Gambia was a long-held passion of Neil’s and so it was fitting that his wife Debbie and daughter Louise should attend a celebration of his life in the Gambia. Neil had wished to share his passion for the project for some time with his family.

Wearing ‘Neil Campbell Our Hero’ T-shirts, the local community gathered for what was an emotional event. Director of Mobee Gambia Salifu Manneh, who is an AFG employee, led the celebrations including a scout’s band, singing group, drum beating group and a disco.

The highlight of the celebrations was when Debbie and Louise laid the first two foundation blocks for a new Wellbeing Centre. They, together with Mobee UK Trustees Kirsty Fergusson  and Philip Piper, planted a tree in honour of Neil.

Salifu said : “This was a very fitting way to celebrate Neil’s life. He was behind the conceptualisation and realisation of both Mobee Gambia and Mobee UK. Local people ownership has been a key outcome of the project. The people of Brufut and its suburbs are delighted that this project – the first of its kind in the Gambia – is at the heart of their communities.”

Mobee Gambia raises awareness of mental health and wellbeing whilst also providing employment opportunities for local people. In 2013, AFG developed a two-year partnership with Mobee Gambia to promote and develop awareness and understanding of mental health and wellbeing across local communities in the Gambia.

Since then Mobee Gambia has presented great opportunities for AFG to offer different learning experiences to its employees, which in many cases have been life changing personally and professionally. AFG Staff from a range of roles have participated and represented the organisation as an AFG Ambassador on study tours to the Gambia.

Salifu looks on as Debbie and Louise plant a tree in memory of Neil.