The relationship between the person we support and support worker is what makes Alternative Futures Group the charity we are. Below, we have showcased some of the stories of the people we support and their relationships with their support workers across the North West.

Supporting Linda

Linda lives in Cheshire in her own home, going about her usual day with the support of her fantastic support team.

Sarah and Gemma support Linda from personal care, to promoting a quality of life which Linda enjoys and has the freedom to choose what she wants to do with her time.

Supporting Skye and Vicky

Skye and Vicky who live in their own apartments in Liverpool.

Tom and Tino are both young support workers who have started careers within Mental Health Support, supporting Skye and Vicky in their day to day lives and ensuring they have someone there when they need to talk.

Tino and Tom’s backgrounds are vastly different with no previous experience in support work, but both share our values and have become vital in the support for Skye and Vicky.

Supporting Alex

Alex has recently moved into his new home with the help of his support worker Jake.

With the support of Jake, Alex’s quality of life has improved and he is now able to enjoy his favourite past times whilst living in his new home.

Jake is a young support worker who tried working in the retail sector but fell in love with being a support worker and is set for a bright career within Learning Disability as he is currently completing his degree at University.

Supporting Kevin

Kevin, a young man who is gaining his independence with the help of his support workers Laurence and Mel lives in his own property in Knowsley. Laurence and Mel are both experienced Healthcare professionals and chose to work with Kevin to help him overcome his challenges when reintegrating in to the community. Kevin has made huge strides in his life with their help which includes gaining independence to go to his local shop whenever he wants to going to the beach and enjoying the sand between his toes which is one of his favourite past times.

Supporting Chris

Chris who lives in his own apartment in Sefton with the support of his Support Worker Christine (Chris). Christine joined Alternative Futures Group as an experienced Support Worker and is involved in the support of Chris who exhibits some complex behaviours which challenge. Due to Christine’s de-escalation and communication skills, Christine supports Chris when his triggers occur so that he can continue having a good day with limited impact. Whilst Christine has experience, the most important aspect of her skill set is the values which AFG share. Most importantly with Chris; We Make a Positive Difference.

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