Our Values and Inclusion

At AFG our mission is to unlock skills, gifts and talents to support everyone’s right to choose and achieve their aspirations, and we are passionate about supporting colleagues to be the very best they can be.

Our Values…

We all have a set of values that guide us in the way we live our lives and influence the decisions we make – such as the places we want to work or the products and services we choose to buy.

Similarly, AFG values define the enduring character of AFG, representing our unique personality.  From your first interview to the last day in work AFG values are more than just words.

They are the compass for the actions and behaviours we all demonstrate day in and day out, the standards under which we work, and against which the performance of each of us is assessed.

  • We are one We succeed together with a shared purpose and vision. We inspire others, take pride in what we do and trust each other. We all have a part to play.
  • Every person mattersWe are people focused and value skills, gifts and potential. We listen. How people think and feel matters; everyone has a voice.
  • We make a positive difference We change lives. Our ‘can do’ attitude and passion enables people to be the best they can be.
  • We raise the bar We learn from the past, are adaptive and excited by our future. We innovate and lead the way. We strive for best quality with least waste. Better never stops.
  • We take ownershipWe do the right thing, are solution focused and get results. We are responsible for our behaviour and hold each other to account.

At AFG we take personal responsibility to ensure we do the right thing to sustain these values and make them matter.  This means we understand what’s at stake when we make decisions and accept that every choice or action we take must be based on them.  Our values are fundamental to our success as through aligning our behaviour’s and actions to these values, we consistently make it clear ‘this is who we are’, ‘this is what we stand for’, and ‘this is what we’re all about’.

A Healthy & Engaged Culture

We have an ambition to be an Employer of Choice and one of the fundamental aspects of this is to have a ‘Healthy & Engaged Culture’. This means we can Attract capable and talented people to work at AFG; we Develop, grow and nurture our people to be the best they can be; and we Retain our people by taking care of them and recognising the great contribution that they make.

This ambition of creating a “healthy and engaged culture” lies at the core of the AFG brand, the essence of its identity, and must be fulfilled by our people. Those people who actively fulfil that brand promise by embracing and living out the organisational values, are our true brand ambassadors.

Most organisations have identified values but for many, they are restricted to wall plaques and induction handbooks, far from the hearts of people who work there. We believe it is critical to ensure that our organisational values are clearly understood, owned and demonstrated by everyone in the organisation.

Creating an Inclusive Environment

We believe strongly that everyone should feel valued, that their contribution matters, and they are able to perform to their potential, no matter their background, identity or circumstances.

Inclusion is reflected in our AFG values ‘Every Person Matters’ – we are people focussed and value skills, gifts and potential and plays a fundamental part in our People Strategies and plans.

For us, inclusion relates to all of our people, our staff and the people we support. Our vision is to create a world where people control their lives and we will demonstrate this by giving every person we support the choice of whether they wish to be involved in our recruitment process for those people we select to work with them – every person matters.