Your First Day is about getting an overview of who Alternative Futures Group are, what we do and why we do what we do, and of course an opportunity to get to meet other new starters!

You will be introduced to our two Divisions of support; Mental Health and Learning Disability. You’ll also learn about the different types of people we support and the different ways in which we provide support. 

Your Induction is all about introducing topics which are important for keeping you safe and well at work, as well as keeping those you will be supporting safe.  You will become familiar with our Values and how these set the bar for the expectations we have from one another.  You will be given a flavour of how Person-centred support is at the heart of everything we do, ensuring that everyone we support has the opportunity to live purposeful and fulfilling lives. 

By the end of the first day we hope you will feel you have made the right decision to work with us.

Day 2 is the Support Essentials training, which covers the Foundations needed to create a good solid base before beginning your work in support. 

On the Support Essentials Day, you will learn more about your role as a Support Worker, as well as building on the knowledge and skills from Day 1 of the Divisions: Mental Health and Learning Disability.  The training will help improve your knowledge around some of the main Mental Health conditions, and importantly, the role you will play in supporting someone with their Recovery. 

You will also learn how best to support someone with a Learning Disability to live more independently, learn new skills, communicate and help them understand information. 

The Support Essentials Day will build on your knowledge of Person-centred support, which will be invaluable when meeting the people you will be supporting from your first day on the job.  Best Practices are trained on Day 2, to improve your knowledge of the Mental Capacity Act, the area of Medication, what is meant by Behaviours that Challenge and an introduction to Positive Behaviour Support (PBS).  Finally, you will also learn the key areas of providing Basic Life Support, giving you the confidence to be able to carry out CPR.

Depending on the Division you are working in, will determine whether you attend the Understanding Mental Health or Understanding Learning Disabilities Workshops. 

The workshops are designed to build on the knowledge and skills from the first 2 days training and 3 months working at Alternative Futures Group.  The training will help you gain further knowledge of some of the challenges and difficulties a person with either a Mental Health or Learning Disability faces, and consider how best to support them by using several recognised tools and approaches.  It is designed in a way that will enable you to transfer your learning from the classroom into practice, helping you to build confidence and continue developing skills.

All of our classroom training is a mixture of presentations, discussions, short-videos and most importantly activities and case-studies which are designed to really help with your learning.  We want our training to be the best, so we continually review and improve what we do.  We have recently redesigned our Welcome Day & Support Essentials Induction, as well as our Mental Health and our Learning Disability Workshops.

By doing this we can keep you up-to-date with the most recent legislation and requirements within the Health & Social Care Sector as well as allowing us to make our courses current, engaging, interactive and fun.

Much of what you learn on our training and workshops can be used as evidence towards some of the units within the Level 2 Health & Social Care qualifications, should you wish to gain further qualifications whilst at Alternative Futures Group.

We provide parts of the Care Certificate  via e-learning, which means that it is much more flexible for the learner to complete.  It helps us reduce the amount of paper needed, and reduces the time needed to complete the Standards.  Other areas of the Care Certificate are completed on the job, with guidance, support and observations with your line manager. You will receive a Certificate of completion, and your training record will be available to you should you wish to take this as evidence to a new employer in the future.

We also offer career opportunities and development plans for employees who want to take the next step in Alternative Futures Group, ensuring we keep our best staff happy with new challenges. We are especially proud that many of our Senior Management Team started as Support Workers and we pro-actively seek the next clinical staff and support workers to become our next managers.