‘I feel safe and secure with AFG’

During these unprecedented times of the Coronavirous-19 outbreak, it would be easy to become despondent or lose sight of the amazing things that our staff do every day to keep the people we support safe and well cared for.

That’s why we wanted to share with you some inspiring but humbling feedback from one of those people we support Dave (not his real name) in Bootle (Liverpool), who has sent his thoughts in a letter to staff. Here’s the letter in Dave’s own words:

‘I have been at the house now for seven months. In this period, they all have gone the extra mile. Diane, Farouk, Lyn, Sam and the manager have got me through very hard, difficult times.’

‘Before Xmas I tried to take my own life.  I ended up in hospital.  When I came out, they were all there for me.  You have a great team and they all need to be praised for what they do.’

‘So, could you please let them know how well they are doing. I feel safe and secure with AFG.  I want my life to get better. I hope and I am sure it will happen.’

Head of Operations Carol Toner visited Dave: ‘We enjoyed a spot of tea and cake whilst we debated what makes a great team. Dave told me – people who care. Nothing more, nothing less.’

We hope this snapshot will put a smile on your face in these difficult times.