Healthy and hearty Alison shares her inspirational weight loss story

Alison, supported in East Lancashire was severely overweight, which was putting extra strain on all areas of her life.

After shedding more than 5 stone, Alison now feels more energetic, alert and radiates confidence.

5 years ago, it was a very different story. Alison felt unhealthy, unfit and wasn’t able to participate in the activities she enjoyed because she was restricted by her mobility. At 18.5 stones back then, Alison sought the help of her support team to get fit and healthy.

‘Health’ forms part of AFG’s Promise to help the people we support take the exercise they want; promoting healthy minds and bodies.

Alison started her health kick back in 2008 by changing her diet and controlling her daily calorie intake, with the help of her Support Team. Staff supported Alison with menu planning, shopping and selecting healthy food options that provide good sources of protein and energy.

Now at a shapely 13 stone Alison said: “Since losing my weight my mobility has improved greatly. I can now go to the leisure centre and enjoy aqua mobility and playing badminton. I now love going clothes shopping because I know I will find clothes that fit me and look nice – before I was limited to a few shops, now I can shop anywhere. I’m managing to maintain my weight and healthy lifestyle through the help of my Support Team.

She added: “People are always commenting on how nice and well I look in my new style of clothes and my 3 brothers are very pleased with the difference in me. My weight loss has made a huge difference to my life and I couldn’t be happier.”