‘Fly on the wall’ bite-sized videos

AFG has been out and about filming – finding out what it’s really like to be a support worker and talking to service users about their journey with us.

A series of bite-sized videos are planned which will really get ‘under the skin’ of the reality of being a support worker. This follows the recent video diaries of AFG support worker Chris Thompson which were very popular on social media.

Merseyside and Greater Manchester Resources Lead Sean McGrann explained: “The aim of these videos is to find out about the people we support and why our support workers do the jobs they do.

“We also wanted to find out where our support workers had come from and the journeys they have been on since joining us. This insight should help potential employees, who are thinking about joining AFG, to see what their journeys could look like.

“The plan is to share the videos on our social media platforms and at recruitment events, conferences and with other key stakeholders, to spread the amazing stories of our support workers and the people we support.”