Craig is made an honorary Showman

One of AFG’s supported people from Burnley has been made an honorary member of the Showman’s Guild.

Craig, who is supported at Fleetwood Road, has had a fascination with fairgrounds and the Showman’s Guild since he was a child.

Team Leader Sandra Traynor said: “Craig attends the fair every year when it comes to Burnley. He’s visited the Boston fair and has also seen the Nottingham goose fair.

“I’m so proud of Craig for his dedication to the Showman’s Guild which has made him an official associate member of the Showman’s Guild and presented him with a certificate of achievement. Well done Craig.”

Support Worker Angela Royal, who has supported Craig for two years at Fleetwood Road, explained: “I accompanied Craig to the Boston fair and to Bury where he was invited to receive his award. It was nice, and they knew him straight away. He’s always writing to the Showman’s Guild and is friends on Facebook with its members. He loves meeting everybody and getting their signatures in his special book, rather than going on the rides.”

Craig was presented with a certificate of appreciation by  Guildsman Show directors Albert and Billy Finney. He is now making plans to visit the Nottingham Goose Fair again.