AFG’s ‘superb support’ making a huge difference

After just eight months, AFG’s new Naylorsfield and Hartsbourne adult care home is making a huge difference to the lives of the people they support. Based in the Belle Vale area of Liverpool, it’s an eight-bedded residential service for people with complex mental health and learning needs.

The support team at Naylorsfield and Hartsbourne has encouraged and supported Anthony to take a horticulture course. He has now passed his level 3 NVQ in horticulture and is a fully-fledged volunteer at Knowsley’s Incredible Edibles, a series of regional networks growing food and supporting communities.

AFG Support Worker Mark Williams said: “We’re so proud of Anthony and what he has achieved. It’s been highly rewarding to see him progress and his self-confidence grow.”

Meanwhile, Stevie has completed an induction at the YMCA in Belle Vale before starting his first volunteer shift for them. Mark, who looks after Stevie, said: “He absolutely smashed it. He worked hard, sorting out DVDs and CDs, cleaning mirrors and shelves, dusting the furniture, sweeping the store and hoovering the back room. What’s most important is that he really enjoyed it too!”

AFG encourages the people in its care to get involved in their local community and to develop a sense of purpose through volunteering where possible. Stevie has joined more than 1,000 other volunteers helping in YMCA charity shops all over England and Wales.

After being an in-patient for nearly 30 years, Chris moved in to Naylorsfield in June 2019 and is building his confidence and independence daily with the support of his team. One of his objectives had been to prepare and cook himself a roast dinner for the first time in years which he achieved in his first month at Naylorsfield.

Mark added: “Chris’s progress is amazing. He has come so far in achieving so many of his goals already and is now accessing activities in the local community. The support team is working very hard in promoting a person-centred approach, providing superb support to all our service users. We have achieved so much in such a short time.”

AFG team leader Trish Clarke said: ‘’ It’s a massive privilege working alongside everyone we support and our staff team at Naylorsfield and Hartsbourne. Watching Chris, Anthony and Stevie achieving positive outcomes and goals is amazing. In the short time that we’ve been open, the achievements have been outstanding.

“Our staff team work effortlessly to ensure that they are supported to a remarkably high standard, continually promoting choice and independence. I am extremely proud of the progress everyone has achieved since living here. Their drive and ambition to achieve their own personal goals is extraordinary and I look forward to this continuing.”