AFG stresses the importance of de-stressing on National Stress Awareness Day

AFG is urging people to think about how stress affects their lives to mark National Stress Awareness Day on Wednesday 6 November, and to find ways to combat it.

Stress is one of the most common conditions experienced by people in the UK today. It is known to contribute to the more serious physical illnesses, as well as being linked to alcoholism, obesity, anxiety and depression.

National Stress Awareness Day is an annual campaign which encourages people to think about stress, how to prevent it and how to manage it once it occurs. The theme this year for National Stress Awareness Day is ‘Going the Extra Mile’. When organisations are stress-free, says the International Stress Management Association which sponsors National Stress Awareness Day, the energy, enthusiasm, motivation and concentration of workers enables them to go the extra mile. In contrast, when they are stressed, performance at work can be poor.

‘Health’ forms part of AFG’s Promise to help take care of the mental and spiritual wellbeing of our staff members and the people who use our services; promoting a healthy mind and body.

To mark this year’s date Mike Smith, AFG’s Clinical Director of Mental Health Services shares his top tips on how to manage stress before it manages you.

Top 10 stress busting tips 

Mike Smith, Clinical Director

Mike Smith, Clinical Director

  1. Get Active: Physical activity is both a reliever of stress and a mood elevator. All the energy building up inside your mind and body releases itself in many ways, anger, short temperdness, headaches or indigestion. Get up and get out and use that energy in other ways, especially those that are productive, even if its only losing weight, digging the garden or pruning the trees at this time of year.
  2. Get perspective: Small things seem big when we are stressed. Surmountable feels insurmountable. Count your blessings and think of what you have not what you don’t have, find some mindfulness techniques to help.
  3. Take control write it down: If you know what’s worrying you write it down, think it through and get a plan of action to deal with it. If you don’t look for patterns and messages.
  4. Sing with Gusto: Simple, just sing along and add a dance if you want – Earth wind and fire are a must!
  5. Relax and take time to deep muscle relax
  6. Me time and pamper yourself
  7. Have a laugh: Go to a comedy club, watch a comedy DVD or try laughter yoga.
  8. Play your music and spend time with it
  9. Let it out: Stamp on aluminium cans, rip up a newspaper or jump on bubble wrap.
  10. Use some visualisation techniques: Write your problems in the sand (in your mind) and imagine the sea tide washing it all away.

Have you got any tips to combat stress? 

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