AFG staff go the extra mile

AFG succeeded in minimising disruption to its vulnerable service users with a fantastic display of teamwork during last weekend’s strike action by Unison.

Although AFG believes that the strike action was unnecessary and unfounded, careful planning – together with the wonderful commitment of all our operational and head office staff – meant that that our services were minimally affected.

In the event, 191 staff withdrew their labour to support the strike action.

Director of People and OD, Kirsty Muldoon praised colleagues:

“In the face of what was going to be a challenging weekend, our amazing people came together and rose to the challenge, this is the AFG way.

“There has been minimal disruption and we have been able to maintain our usual high standards of care and support. This is due to the dedication and determination of our amazing people who have put those we support first.

“During the course of this weekend there have been loads of fabulous stories of staff demonstrating our values and behaviors. It’s at times like these that I am reminded that I am working for an outstanding healthcare charity with highly dedicated and caring colleagues who will always go the extra mile for our service users.”

Merseyside Support Worker Melanie Fletcher said: “If we all went on strike our service users would suffer. It’s important to me that my service user sees familiar faces. If he doesn’t he gets upset. We’ve worked hard to get him to the stage he’s at now by building his trust in us.”

IT colleague Carol Danby, who previously was a support worker, did her first ever sleep-in at the weekend: “It was a pleasure helping out with a sleep-in for two charming gentlemen.”

Integrated Pathway Coordinator Adele Hollywood stepped in and supported a young girl who had not been outside for more than two years. She managed to persuade her to spend short periods of time in her garden feeding the birds which she has since continued to do. Adele said:” I feel privileged to have been part of this support and to see her excitement.”

Amy Farmer, who swapped her day job as a systems trainer to do a night shift, said: “Thank you to the lovely staff who supported me and, of course, the lovely people we support who were very welcoming.”

Because of this truly collaborative team effort, AFG was able to keep things as normal as possible for those we support.