AFG makes a positive difference for John

Alternative Future Group’s (AFG) transitioning of a service user, with learning disabilities and behaviour support needs, from hospital into his own home has been praised by NHS England which is now using the case study as best practice.

Liam Kingdon, Integrated Pathway Lead (Learning Disabilities) for Merseyside supported living explained:

“We were approached by the local authority to see if we could support John (not his real name) who has complex behaviour needs and had been detained in hospital for about two years to the point that he was effectively institutionalised. After carrying out a comprehensive initial assessment, we felt that we could provide support for him but we also knew that to get things right much work was needed.”

“We worked closely with the community team, social workers, John’s family and the multi-disciplinary team at Rathbone hospital to ensure that the right support was in place for John. Also, that staff were properly trained to overcome any barriers relating to the environment that John would be supported in.”

“A long transition was undertaken at the hospital to ensure the staff team got to know John well and that he began to develop trusting relationships with them. They persevered and developed rapport with John so that he now lets staff support with tasks such as shaving and haircuts. Although it didn’t work straight away, and he had to return to hospital for a short time, everyone worked together to quickly resolve the problems that had become apparent.

“John has now been supported in his own home since June 2018. Everything is going well, and he is starting to build strong relationships with his team. We have recently been told that NHS England is so impressed with the efforts of everyone involved to make things work for John, that they want to use it as an example of good practice.”

“But what’s really pleasing for everyone is that John’s Mum is extremely happy with the support we have provided to John so far. For us, it’s really living the AFG values: ‘making a positive difference’, ‘raising the bar’ and ‘demonstrating that every person matters.’”