A person centred approach

We pride ourselves on taking a person centred approach to empowering the people we support to live the lives they choose. We know that one size or model/tool doesn’t fit all; a person centred approach is about working in a way that meets the needs of the individual, and responds to a variety of different contexts. We work hard to build great relationships with people and their families, designing our support around them – not the other way round. We do this using a variety of different person centred tools and approaches, such as relationship maps, which help to recognise and involve other people who make a difference in a person’s life and person centred plans, which help us to discover and act on what is important to a person. The plan will grow and change according to the needs and aspirations of the person supported.

We believe person centred planning makes a significant contribution to the journey towards citizenship and community participation; and we aim to discretely connect people in their communities and support relationships to flourish, so that people have more than paid support in their lives.

Person centred values

Underpinning all of the approaches we use are person centred values; a set of shared beliefs and values that respect the uniqueness of individuals. We recruit people who share our values, and we train our staff to practice in person centred ways.  We also use person centred approaches with our teams and apply the same principles across the organisation. For example, to help create a person centred culture within our teams we use person centred team plans and one page profiles.

We take into account current developments in person-centred approaches to ensure the highest standard of care and support. We are also an active participant in a number of quality initiatives which seek to help organisations improve their delivery of personalised support – Think Local Act Personal “Making it Real”, Driving up Quality, Progress for Providers and the Social Care Commitment.

Our person centred approach enables the people we support and their families/carers to become directly involved in defining the delivery of their care and support. To help keep individuals at the centre of decisions about our services and support, we encourage their involvement in a range of activities including:

  • Support planning and person centred reviews
  • Listening groups and forums
  • Local involvement and self-advocacy groups
  • Local campaigns – this year we have teamed up with Dimensions and the Parliamentary Outreach Service to promote their “Love Your Vote” campaign, which will enable the people we support to have the opportunity to participate in local and national democracy as citizens.

To find out more about our approach to delivering person centred care and support or to understand how we can support your needs, please contact us.

Find out more about person centred tools and approaches by visiting the Helen Sanderson Associates website.