Rachel – a wonderful hostess!

Rachel invited Sarah Darlington (far left), Health and Safety Manager and Sarah’s counterpart from United Response, Shonagh Methven (far right) to visit her to find out how her life has changed over the five years she has been supported by AFG.

Rachel moved into the converted flat in October 2006. She was delighted to show her guests around her home; to share her stories of going to see Westlife in concert and her plans to hang the framed posters she has of the band in different rooms in the flat. Rachel started cooking about 16 months ago and now attends a session every Monday where she has been learning about Cookery. She had baked a delicious chocolate cake and generously shared it with Sarah and Shonagh.

Sarah said, “Rachel was a wonderful hostess and the cake was delicious! It’s great that Rachel has been supported to become part of her larger community. That’s what positive risk taking is all about. The health and safety team are here to help any team who need advice or support in managing positive risk taking, to enable people like Rachel, to live the life they want to live.”