A family reunited.

John, supported in Lancaster, has been reunited with his sister after spending 15 years apart.

John was separated from his sister, Betty, in 1999 following the death of their mother. The grief led to loss of contact as their mother used to maintain frequent visits to see John in Lancaster.

They were both reunited on 8 March 2014, 15 years on and nearly 70 miles apart, at Betty’s home in Carlisle.

John dressed smartly and bought Betty some lovely flowers for the visit, thrilled at the prospect of having finally found his long lost sister. Both were in tears and could barely let go of each other when they met for the very first time. The room was filled with happiness and another familiar face, John’s nephew. John was amazed to see him today as a grown man, not the little boy he used to cradle. Betty told stories about her and John’s childhood, she got quite emotional when she spoke about her late father and how much John resembled him in every way.

Amy Bates, AFG Lancaster Team Leader said: “It was emotional to see John and Betty hugging when they first saw each other and John didn’t want to stop. They acted like any other brother and sister would, taking the mickey out of each other, but you could tell just how much they both loved each other and their delight to have been reunited.”

John continues to talk about his beloved sister and he’s looking forward to seeing her again very soon.