What quality means to us

Alternative Futures Group is committed to the highest standards of quality and continuous improvement. Customer care is an intrinsic part of our Quality Assurance Framework (QAF) and we define the quality of our services through:

  • Our ability to respond to the needs of people in achieving their outcomes.
  • The involvement of the people who we support in service delivery and development.
  • The attitude, behaviours, skills and knowledge of our workforce.
  • Transparency in the processes we use to review the quality of our services.

Our QAF Framework is unique and has been built in line with recognised sector standards for quality and safety, CQC essentials, experiences of individuals who receive our services and how well we are meeting their outcomes. The process is transparent and open; enabling us to continue to learn, improve and provide value for money.

Our aim

The QAF Framework aims to ensure that the balance is struck between delivering the services people want and being safe, but equally ensuring people are supported to take part in ordinary life experiences.


The QAF vision of excellence is:

  • A flexible, skilled and competent workforce who embody the organisational values in their behaviour and deeds.
  • A personalised approach to all that we do
  • Users of services have choice and control
  • Staff have  choice and control – their efforts recognised and rewarded
  • Risk enablement is embedded as a positive element of ordinary life experience
  • Value for money is demonstrated in all that we do
  • Evidence is in place to measure success through outcomes
  • Vulnerable people are safeguarded
  • Consistently achieving positive inspections with no required actions
  • Each geographical area is supported by a dedicated Quality Partner who works with operational managers and local teams to develop a culture of learning and improvement.

This culture drives the development of local area improvement plans, which are tested to ensure we continually provide the highest standards of quality and safety in everything we do.