‘A world where people control their lives.’

Alternative Futures Group supports the involvement of the people who use our services, which has resulted in the development of “Our Promise”, designed and co-produced by the people we support as a framework to outline what is important to them as customers and co-designers of our services.  It has personalisation at its heart and is embedded into our daily practices.

The Promise consists of 5 principles which help us to achieve our vision: ‘A world where people control their lives.’







Take a look at Our Promise

The Promise is our commitment that the service we deliver is one where we: listen to people, treat people right, empower people to make their own choices and decisions, support people to meet their personal outcomes and keep people safe.

Through delivering Our Promise we ensure that the way in which we support people meets the FREDA principles, a human rights based approach to care and support – Fairness, Respect, Equality, Dignity and Autonomy.

The people we support are guardians of Our Promise and they hold us accountable for following it, via various auditing processes.

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