Home sweet home

In April 2014, Jim, David and their chickens, supported in Crewe moved into their new home.

Both gentlemen have mobility issues and so their move from a house to a bungalow was just what they needed. It wasn’t the easiest move to make though; Jim and Davids’ support workers sourced a landlord and then worked with building contractors to ensure the bungalow was just right for them. The chickens home then also needed to be built, fortunately the bungalow came with an old shed and support workers helped Jim and David to transform it into a shiny new hen house.

The bungalow has 4 bedrooms and so in the future there is room for two extra tenants’; but for now it’s a bit of shopping for Jim and David to make their new house feel more like home!

Finding a home that meets your needs forms part of Our Promise to the people we support.