Easter ‘extra special’ for Lesley thanks to AFG

This Easter was a very special time for one of our service users who went to church for the first time in 20 years – thanks to the gentle encouragement of staff in Liverpool.

Following bouts of depression Lesley had stopped going to church.  She had always discussed her faith with AFG staff and it was important to her but the depression had become a barrier to her.

Integrated Pathway Coordinator Adele Hollywood said: “We had been encouraging Lesley for some time to attend church as we felt it would be a positive step moving beyond her past troubles.”

Working with team leader Danielle Buckley, they booked on some support worker shifts and Danielle planned out the support for Lesley.

“It was all about having someone to motivate her and to accompany her to church. At first, she thought she couldn’t do it. Then, although she feared large crowds and was anxious, she really enjoyed attending and more so because of the Easter celebrations. When she returned she was excited to tell staff and she is now planning to build this into her everyday routine.”

Danielle accompanied Lesley to St Anthony’s on Scotland Road which is close to where she is supported by mental health services in Silvester Street.

Danielle added: “This first visit in 20 years was particularly poignant for Lesley as she was able to light a candle in memory of her father who died at this time of the year. She also received an Easter egg while she was there. It’s so good for Lesley to get out and it will give her so much confidence. We are both so proud of what she has achieved.”