Dignity Action Day Friday 1st February

Dignity in the heart, mind, and actions…

Dignity Action Day is celebrated nationally on Friday 1st February and it underpins everything we strive for in Our Promise and Our Vision; a world where people control their lives. It is an annual opportunity for our Service Users, carers, families and staff to promote the need to uphold people’s rights to dignity and provide a truly memorable day for people who use our services.

On Friday, AFG staff celebrated Dignity Action Day locally and also at head office in Lion Court.

We asked staff, Service Users and visitors to add to the 10 Point Challenge on our Dignity Pledge Board, with their thoughts on what dignity means to them. Throughout the day we shared our thoughts on our Facebook and Twitter pages.

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Throughout the day, staff dropped by the AFG Pop-Up Cinema to watch a ten minute film being played on loop, What Do You See?

The powerful short film by Amanda Waring takes a journey through a day in the life in the day of a stroke victim Elsie (Virginia McKenna). Elsie craves compassion and understanding of the person she is inside, rather than the useless “carcass” she may appear on the outside. Elsie makes a silent but heartfelt plea for her carers to “look closer…see…me.”

Please visit Dignity in Care for more information.

“Compassion, kindness and respect are the very essence of dignified care. We must make sure these principles are at the heart of everything we do.”

– Paul Burstow MP, Minister of State for Care Service