A Big Thank You from AFG

At AFG we know that each and every day our people are working hard to create a world where the people we support can control their lives. They are passionate about the work that they do and genuinely care about the people we support. 

Over the last couple of months, during periods of bad weather, they have literally gone the extra mile to get to work, done double shifts and showed their commitment in many other ways. During these challenging times, they have made a positive difference to the people we support and for this we wanted to express our sincere thanks and say: “We are proud that you are part of AFG.”

Yesterday sweetie-bouquets were delivered to teams across the North West of England to rapturous responses.  We received numerous telephone calls of thanks from across the organisation, with one bold-over recipient saying: “It’s too beautiful to open, the team are blown away.” Here is one of many photos of delighted staff receiving their sweetie-bouquets. With thanks to @sweetiebouquets .